Wedding Albums & Budgets

So, I’ve been experimenting with printing recently and I’ve been ordering various books, prints & various other items from a few companies,  I’m trying to look at options for all budgets. The pictures below are from an A3 landscape album I made which would cost £100 roughly, that’s the cost of the book plus my time. Not a bad price really when you consider that it enables you; the customer to have an eternal reminder of your big day.

album album_1 album_2



Obviously there has been an economic downturn over the recent year or so and this has had an impact on our “disposable income”. Which is why I have looked at my packages recently. They may have gone up, but I have realized, not being massively experienced within the wedding field of  financial management, that I must at least cover my expenses and be able to keep my equipment up to date. Even if I had one wedding a week at my old prices, I would never have been able to carry on with the wedding photography. I like weddings.. they’re all different, I think I have now reached a point where I know I am heading. I’ve recently met up with some local MUA’s and hairstylists, of which I will soon be adding a preferred suppliers list to give future couples advice on planning their big day, compiled from personal reference and experiences with the members, venues etc of the list… with that said, I shall leave you with a sample of the mid range wedding album I am able to now provide below!.