Singing, editing & a new dog!


Apologies for pointing out the obvious here, I am a photographer, but I’m also the lead singer in a band called Physical Graffiti, it’s your typical rock band, only we tribute to the greatest rock band in the world (personal opinion lol) Led Zeppelin. So, as you can imagine, it’s a bit like being a director in your own film when it comes to the promotional photographs for the band. I know what I WANT to see, however there is no-one to take the image..

I’m pretty much a purist when it comes to photographs… editing anything other than colour correction or a little exposure correction due to bad lighting conditions is not for me. Pretty much all of my images on this site are unedited, as shot, I got this addiction when taking images for If I’m going to edit a photograph, I already know what editing is going to be done and I plan for it before I take the photograph.. take the lara croft shoot for instance, I knew we would not be able to get that “magical glittery” feel when I took the shot, however I adjusted my lighting so that I could enhance the image to my liking, so I knew what that image was going to look like… so you can see my predicament when it comes to shooting a picture of my band with ME in it.

I thought, “well, as much as you don’t enjoy destroying a natural image Nikki, you just have to this once..” so, with the assistance of an 11 year old girl (my guitarists daughter) I managed to get the shot I wanted with the above poster in mind, the original image is below. The difference with Band photography, is that they normally want an urban feel to them, unlike weddings, which are pure & natural.. so, even though it goes against the grain, I managed to create our new promotional poster with photoshop.



Photoshop is an amazing tool, it can also be a hindrance! When I first started out in photography, I used to think “that’ll do, I’ll edit that later”.. but after a while, when you start zooming in, editing exposure, playing with the eraser.. you start to realise the original image would start to be become either fake looking or too noisy. I learned that you have to get the lighting right, first time, every time, even if you are editing.. so for a 15 minute job outside the garage by our rehearsal rooms I don’t think I did too bad.

Another thing to mention is we got a new addition to our family.. Basher, he’s a rottweiler x american bulldog.. absolutely adorable, I didn’t want a puppy and I didn’t want a purebreed as I have always had crosses, so I searched high and low for the perfect pooch for our family, He is utterly adorable with a great nature and he’s starting to get on well with our other two dogs Taz n Archie. We have over half an acre of space in our garden with trees, ponds and paths that he now happily plays in, excellent on the lead and brilliant with children. We’re really happy with him!

I’ve got a rehearsal Wednesday for our gig this coming Saturday at the Ruby Lounge in Margate. The last one was so successful they invited us back, we seem to be picking up steam now since we formed in April 2012, and then got our new drummer Ben, so, on the personal side of life.. everything is pretty cool for Nikki Darling.