Mr & Mrs Raine

Nothing makes me more proud than being asked by a friend to be their photographer for their wedding. I have know the bride; Shayla for a number of years, we had our children at the same time and throughout the last 15 years we have remained in contact. Shayla is a qualified nurse and Gregg works in the cleaning industry. I remember her telling me he was “The One” years ago. When Shayla told me she was getting married I was shocked, as they had been together so long without real mention, I was even more shocked to find out they would be getting married on April fools day… I thought is this a joke? Well it wasn’t! Shayla asked for the images to be as natural as possible, no posing no directing just as is, the church requested no flash also which made it quite hard work, but fortunately there was lots of natural light!

The big day arrived and the bridal preparations were on.. the bridesmaids were cheerful, Shayla’s mum was in a great mood and everyone was sipping champagne. Shayla thought her nerves were under wrap until she thought the dress maker wasn’t going to arrive, suddenly there were tears rolling down her pretty face and she looked so worried, but alas the dresser arrived and Shalya managed to shake the nerves… I almost blubbed with her to be honest! The car arrived and I rushed off to the chapel. You can never tell how the groom is going to react to photographers, but Gregg met me with a huge smile and he seemed to be less nervous than Shayla, which is funny, because if you knew Gregg, you wouldn’t think he’d pose for pictures that’s for certain lol. He’s a biker, although he was wearing a suit (shocked again) he still had his Alchemy style rings on (heavy ones with skulls), true to Gregg’s style it was actually a nice touch I thought.

The ceremony was at St Catherines Church in Manston. It started at 2pm, Shayla pulled up in the car and entered the church, as she walked down the aisle, you could see tears welling up in everyone’s eyes, Shayla was positively beaming with her younger brother Adam linked to her arm, as he was giving her away.. the service was really lovely and I watched the couple smile all the way through.. when asked if “anyone had any reasons for the not to be married” all the guests laughed. The signing of the register was a quiet moment and I managed to get a cheeky shot of Shayla with her wedding certificate.

The highlight of my day (other than the wedding) was Jordans speech, Jordan is Shayla’s son, he is the same age as my daughter Chloe. He interrupted the reception to let everyone know that Gregg has always been like a Dad to him, in fact he is his Dad… I must admit, bursting into tears at this point was really hard for me, as I know Jordan quite well and he is such a wonderful kid, he wants to be a photographer when he grows up, so it’s quite likely that he’ll be at a few weddings with me at a later date.. I let him have a go with my camera and he took some stunning natural shots.. so we’ll have to see.

It was an amazing day, I enjoyed it thouroughly.