Commercial: G Casino Search for a model 2012

What a wonderful evening spent as the official photographer for G-Casino’s “Search for a Model 2012″. The calibre of the models were high and I’m glad I was asked to do this commercial job. There were plenty of laughs and some serious competition and when the winner was announced to be Danielle, we were all thrilled. Hopefully she will win the overall national competition in Coventry’s final!



Vintage Swimsuits for Charity

Another successful shoot for us, this time it was for the Oasis Womens Refuge, Madam Popoffs and myself organised this about a month a go, in order to celebrate Tracey Emins “Lady under the Sea exhibition” We wore Tracey Emin masks and paraded around the Margate Old Town collecting money from the local business and guests of Margate. We made £80 in one hour, however Daniel Goldman at Cafe G insisted he donated £20 to make it a round £100. A brilliant day!


Purple’s Facepainting

I visited the Ellingon Park Annual fair to take some promo images for Purples face painting. What a glorious day!

Fashion: Madam Popoffs 4

Yet again another wonderful shoot for Madam Popoffs boutique and our stunning model Lily Rose Breuer in collaboration with makeup artist Chloe Silver. This shoot was again for Asos Market Place, I’ve just added them to my twitter ! Lily Rose was very very new to modelling and she was very apprehensive to start, but by the time I made her laugh a few times she relaxed into it really well, bless. Looks like I’m going to be doing a wonderful Lingerie shoot soon at a special location next week! I love lingerie and I Love photography, the mix couldn’t get any better… well, if you added seriously sexy shoes it might!

I’ve not been around much due to rehearsing with my new band Physical Graffiti, I’ve got three wedding bookings coming up in the month of June so hopefully you will be seeing my portfolio growing rapidly!! Over and out peeps! x

Fashion: Madam Popoffs 3

Another successful shoot for Madam Popoffs courtesy of Photography by Nikki Darling. I adored the green prom dress and it took a little arranging, but after chatting to Janet from The Pie Factory in Margate Old Town, I managed to gain permission to shoot some pictures in the Margate Pie Factory with ART BY – Brian Hodgson (Pushing Print solo show prize winner 2012) an exhibition which continues until 2nd May. We also stole an idea from my very good friend lillith with the photo within a photo for the head piece supplied by Madam Popoff. The weather was bleeding awful and we had to settle in a few times to wait for the rain to filter off, at times we still went out with Madam Popoffs new Intern holding an umbrella over my equipment! Bless her. I think it has been a great learning experience to photograph for Madam Popoffs and what has started off as just a simple project will soon start growing into something much bigger I think.  Networking can be such a hard task, but I’m getting there, slowly!

Children – Fun is free

Fun is very much free, a short walk away from your door, who knows what treasures may be hidden for a great day our with the kids. I really enjoy having fun and these days it can be really hard to let your hair down! I took mine to some local ruins by the sea side and made them jump for joy… a great day!

Asylum Comic Strip

This was our second trip to the Asylum, only this time there was a story to tell, we actually had this made into a comic strip for some local Artists; Paliev the Mime and Miss Lillith. Costumes were hired specific for the shoot and we had a real good plan to boot! Funny thing is, we ended up coming across some students doing a project and consequently we are now friends on facebook. lol.

Single White Man

Of recent I have been looking into various projects for my documentary assignments (one which I have chosen at random just to open up my creative mind). Its a toss up between “The single white man”  or “Chavs” better put and second choice is “Margate life”. Because this area is very much down trodden with poverty perhaps I should incorporate both? Either way, I engaged the assistance of my lovely brother Justin, who is a typical single white man in Margate for an ordinary photo shoot just for fun … the mind ponders

Fashion: Madam Popoffs

This is an accumulation of two shoots with Madam Popoffs in Margate. These pictures are also predominantly for Madam Popoffs store on ASOS marketplace which is a platform for boutiques to sell vintage clothing and various items that are no longer in production, ASOS also publishes photographs in an editorial fashion on a page called “The Peoples Runway” which we have been featured on! I got contacted by Debbie who owns the shop through a posting I chucked up on good ole’ FaceBook. I visited her shop to discuss her requirements, ASOS marketplace have some amazingly stringent “constraints” for their peoples photography, some of which I found to be rather strange upon first look. Rules such as no flash, no angled shots, no INDOOR photography, no editing whatsoever etc, all of which baffled me at first… that is until I saw the finished product. ASOS have these requirements in favour of the buyer, something rarely seen these days, yes the camera can lie and does often, I’m sure I’ve bought items over the net only to discover it looks nothing like the picture, I can speak from personal experience when I say its more than irritating.

Shooting for Madam Popoffs for ASOS marketplace has been an enjoyable challenge, especially given the two models I’ve had to work with so far! Abi (the brunette young lady) is seriously tall, relatively experienced and hugely elegant, one of those types that look fab in whatever she wears, at only 17 shes got an amazing future ahead of her. Directing her was incredibly easy and I found her facial expressions impeccable. Lucy Lu (the blonde young lady) was adorable, this is actually her first modelling shoot and seemed very nervous to begin with, but once we had a chat and got to know each other she was striking poses like no-ones business. She has very bright eyes and gorgeous long blonde hair, a stark contrast to Abi, so I guess I’ve been lucky with both.

I’m going to be honest, I know nothing about vintage clothing, but I’ve done a little research into clothing eras, things like what defines the time period in skirt lengths, waist lines and collars types and I STILL haven’t got a clue lol. Despite being rubbish at knowing what dress comes from what year, I’d say my favourite images of Abi was the peach dress with the grey background and the peach mackintosh, for Lucy Lu it was definitely the peach stripy shirt on the bench and the yellow jumpsuit! As for what I’d wear personally (if I had the legs for it) it would have to be the purple dress with the rhinestone detail.. STUNNING.

So, thats what I’ve been shooting of recent!

Recent Creations in Photoshop

I love creating things. Creations are; what I consider any photograph edited in Photoshop to not only enhance what is already beautiful, but to make a piece of Art. So here are a couple of recent ones.

This is a photograph of my Mum, she’s a great model. I love the way she acts for the camera when we go out on set, the original image is in my galleries but I think this needed a little “Arting” up. What d’ya think?

This photograph is of my wonderful friend Lillith. She is the BEST muse in the world. The inspiration, drive and willingness of this girl makes photography a worthwhile and rewarding hobby. Cheers sweetness!