I’ll start by telling you a little secret, I am NOT qualified, nor do I intend to be, don’t get me wrong, I’ve looked into courses and photo groups but I felt my creative style would be ruined by such “standardized” constraints, I feel free of any conventions and rules. I can proudly say I am an Amateur, simply because it originates from the Latin word “Amātōrem” meaning Lover, however I do gain professionally from it. Nothing gives me a buzz quite like seeing my own pictures come to life in print & the look on peoples faces when they see the finished product. Photography makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, a romantic at heart me.

“Memories are so important, marking your milestones in style is the ONLY way of portraying that event forever in a format that is something to be proud of”  
Nikki Darling 2011

Is it so important to have your work published in magazines?  Is it so important to have pictures of paper thin models with cleverly airbrushed impeccable skin that makes the most stunning of creatures question themselves? I already have an impressive client list, but its not celebrities, catwalk models or huge multi-conglomerate companies, my clients are my friends. The people I love and cherish. I don’t feel it is necessary to be the most published photographer on the planet, how very off putting. I’m not there to out stage you, I’m there, snapping away in the background like a ninja to record your buzz and pass it on, making an effort, because you are.

Nikki x